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Why Book The Party Princess?

What areas do you travel to?

What are The Party Princess Fees?

How do I book?
Do I need to pay a deposit?

Can I invite boys to the party?
I am having a joint party, is there an additional charge?
How many guests can I invite to our Party?

Do you provide a birthday cake?
What is included in the 'glitter make over'?
My child has additional needs, can their needs be sensitively met?
Do I need to tell my venue I have booked The Party Princess?
What happens once I have booked?

When do I need to pay the remaining balance?

How do I pay the outstanding balance?


The Day of the Event
Do we need to provide an area for the Princesses to change?
We want a surprise entrance, can this be arranged?
Do you provide prizes for party games?
Do you supply a music and a system to play it?
Is there anything I need to provide?

What set up is required?
My child can be shy, what can be done to ensure they aren't overwhelmed or left out?
Can you carry our Birthday Cake and sing Happy Birthday?

We are aware of an incident and/or traffic issues, what happens now?


Cancellation & Refunds

I have to cancel my booking. Can I have my deposit back?
I need to rearrange my booking time, is this possible?


Qualifications, Insurance & DBS




Why Book The Party Princess?

Run by a Qualified Primary School Teacher, Beautician, Model, Actress, Dancer and a Mum of two, we have a very high standard of performers and entertainment.

Our party packages are based on extensive research and laced with National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage links.

All our Performers are either extensively trained, experienced and/or Childcare Professionals, Actresses, Dancers, Models and Singers.

We hold DBS Certificates and Public Liability Insurance for up to £1,000,000.


If like us, you feel passionate about the authenticity in appearance, costume, character and accent of the characters being portrayed, look no further for quality. You - and more importantly, your child - will not be disappointed.


Please feel free to visit The Party Princess Team Page to read more about our Performers.

 What Areas Do You Travel To?

Due to our high demand we have had to limit party bookings to a 30 minute travel time to all areas surrounding Widnes, Cheshire.

You can visit our Areas Covered page for more information.

With corporate events and charity appearances we cover the entirety of Great Britain.
Please contact us to discuss.

What are The Party Princess Fees?

There are different packages available to personalise and suit your party, visit or event, starting at just £50.

Please see our Party Packages page for more information.

 How Do I Book?


You can send us a message on Facebook, text message, email or fill out our enquiry form on our Contact Page. Ensure to add as much detail as possible to your enquiry so we can check availability and get back to you efficiently.

Do I Need To Pay a Deposit?


Yes, to secure your booking we request a deposit. The amount is dependent on the package booked.
We will forward deposit payment details when enquiry has been discussed and can be paid via, posted cheque, PayPal, Bacs transfer or debit/credit card.

Requested amounts are;

Princess Visit £20

Bronze Package £20

Silver Package £20

Gold Package £50

Deposit must be paid at your earliest convenience as we only reserve a date and time for 7 days. In some instances we will contact you to offer first refusal but we do hold the right to pass reservation to the next enquiry.

Can I Invite Boys To The Party?



Although our packages are designed and aimed at young princesses aged 3-8, every event we attend is different to the next. We find that sometimes Boys don't wish to join in, whilst on other occasions there have been some fantastic Princes! 

Our Bronze Package may be more suitable if there are a large number of boys expected, although some thoroughly enjoy everything all our packages involve! 

We can involve boys with various activities depending on the package booked. Please call or email to enquire and we can discuss this further.

I Am Having a Joint Party, Is There An Additional Charge?


Although lots of people choose to book additional princess if this is the case... No, we do not add any additional charge for multiple birthday boys and girls.

Please bear in mind that if the guest list is expected to exceed 10 then we request an additional charge for an assistant and extra resources or for an extra princess character depending on availability. Price increases with every 10 children. Maximum 30.

Many Guests Can I Invite To Our Party?

This would depend on the package you have booked. We can entertain any number of guests at a Party if the Bronze package is requested.

For Silver and Gold Packages we usually recommend 10 actively involved children to one Entertainer. If the guest list is expected to exceed 10 then we request an additional charge for an assistant and extra resources, or for an extra princess character depending on availability.

Maximum of 30 children is advised as we want all children to have an equal and shared experience with the princesses. We like to ensure that the Birthday Girl has plenty of time and fuss from the Princess and also the rest of the guests enjoy everything our entertainment has to offer. 

What Is Included In The 'Glitter Make Over'?


For the Make overs we bring along washable coloured shimmer for eyes, and Snazaroo Glitter Gel and Snazaroo Face Paints for face and body.

We also bring a variety of coloured glitter nail varnishes which can be removed with standard remover.

The choice of what to have or not to have is in the hands of the children and/or parents.
Lots of parents accompany their child as they have their Princess Make Over and the entertainers will happily comply whatever the parent feels is appropriate for them.

We only use Snazaroo face paints as they are fragrance free, Non-toxic and washable. Fully compliant with EU and FDA toy and cosmetic regulations.

Do You Provide a Birthday Cake?


No, we do not supply a birthday cake or food of any kind in our party packages. Although our princesses do love to join in a Princess tea party you have arranged or help handing out refreshments.

My Child Has Additional Needs, Can Their Needs Be Sensitively Met?


All our performers have experience with children and adults with varying degrees of special needs. As long as we are appropriately briefed prior to the event then we are more than willing and experienced to cater for them however slight or otherwise their needs may be.

Do I Need To Tell My Venue I Have Booked The Party Princess?


Most venues we have visited are very welcoming and thoroughly enjoy our visit. But out of curtesy we do recommend you mention our visit in the rare instance they aren't willing to accommodate.
Some venues we have visited have requested details of our DBS Certificates and Public Liability Insurance, we are more than willing to provide this information but will need notice prior to the event so we are not denied access on the day.


Although we are more than happy to pose for pictures to promote an establishments room hire or advertise a party space we do request that 'The Party Princess' for character hire is credited.


Video capture is strictly prohibited by any establishment, however, parents of children in attendance can take as many images and video footage as they wish. The issue can be discussed with our owner.

What Happens Once I Have Booked?


When your deposit has been securely received we will contact you and gather any final details you may have. We will then be in touch nearer the time of the booking date to confirm final details.


When Do I Need To Pay The Remaining Balance?

We can arrange payment prior to the appearance but we can also collect the remaining balance on the day of the booking. Please state which you would prefer. Either cash or cheque (made payable to Donna Hayes) is fine.

How Do I Pay The Outstanding Balance?


We provide various means of collecting final payment.

We can provide Bacs or Paypal details if you wish to pay electronically prior to the event. Please make us aware of this intention before entertainment is carried out.

Alternatively we are willing to collect the outstanding balance on the day of the event, please have this ready to discreetly hand over.



The Day Of The Event

Do We Need To Provide An Area For The Princesses To Change?


Usually our entertainers are dressed in full costume and ready to perform in full character as soon as we arrive. In rare instances we may require a private area to change at a public venue but are more than happy to use our vehicle outside.


For Corporate Bookings we do request access to a management suite or green room to dress, prepare and break.

We Want a Surprise Entrance, Can This Be Arranged?


Certainly, we love surprises. The look on children's faces are just priceless.
Please tell us of this intension and we can take steps to ensure discretion.

Do You Provide Prizes For Party Games?


We bring along a variety of simple themed princess prizes for games such as Musical statues, musical bumps, dancing etc. but if you want to provide more extravagant prizes or a pass the parcel for example then feel free to arrange those too.

Do You Supply Music And A System To Play It?


We always come equipped with an amplifier and themed princess music to play for the duration of our time there.

Is There Anything I Need To Provide?


Although our music systems hold charge we do request access to a mains socket to plug it in if need be.

What Set Up Is Required?


Very little. For all our packages our wheeled amplifier can be wheeled in and used in any venue.
For silver and gold packages, we require a small table with facing chairs to carry out make overs. A table or floor space can be utilised for the Crafts and Jewellery making.

My Child Can Be Shy, What Can Be Done To Ensure They Aren't Overwhelmed Or Left Out?

Some children are overwhelmed and star struck when they meet their Princess idols.
Our entertainers have vast experience and will take appropriate steps to encourage them out of their shells. We find that forcing them to interact is very counterproductive and sometimes the more fuss created the less likely they are to cooperate.

Our entertainers will carry on with the proposed entertainment but will have the sensitive needs of any children firmly in mind.

If you feel your child may benefit from meeting the princesses privately before they enter the party situation, this can also be arranged.

Can you carry our Birthday Cake and sing Happy Birthday?


Purely for health and safety reasons, We do recommend that an appropriate adult lights candles and either carries it over to the waiting birthday girl, guests and princess performer or our performer can lead the children over to an area the cake is displayed.

We absolutely love singing Happy Birthday and encouraging 3 cheers for the birthday girl! This can be arranged during any point of our visit. An appropriate time to do this can be discussed before or during our visit.

We Are Aware of An Incident and/or Traffic Issue, What Happens Now?


As you can appreciate, there are forces outside our control that can cause delays. Rest assured we do allow plenty of travel time and we aim to keep bookings fairly local to one another so are never a vast distance away.
We will do our best to notify you or your venue of a delay or any possible issues forecasted.
We have never missed a booking and do not intend to.

In the rare instance our entertainers are late, we will perform the full time you have booked and carry out the full extent of the package.

We know exactly how high expectations are from us and just how important your day is so we will do everything in our power to ensure you all have a magical day.


Cancellation & Refunds

 I Have to Cancel My Booking. Can I Have My Deposit Back?


The beauty of a deposit is that it secures your booking and reserves a highly sought after slot.
Sadly deposits are non-refundable. If in an extreme instance we have to cancel a booking, you will receive a full refund.

I Need to Rearrange My Booking Time, Is This Possible?


With adequate notice we may be able to rearrange your booking. Please appreciate that we are often booked months in advance and cannot guarantee a time/date change. Please be aware of this and ensure the time and date you have booked is correct.

Any issues you may have should be taken up with our office and not the entertainers present on the day.



Please feel free to Contact us with any additional queries you may have.


Qualifications, Insurance and DBS

We do hold Public Liability Insurance for up to £1 Million.
To see details of this please follow this link.

All our Entertainers have valuable experience in working with children and hold DBS certificates.

Our owner proudly holds a degree in Primary Teaching with Early Childhood Education and Qualified Teachers Status (QTS), NVQ level 2 in Beauty Therapy and high advanced ISTD dance grades.
All other entertainers hold various qualifications in teaching, childcare, disability studies, nursing, higher education, first aid and/or are studying in the field. You won't find a more 'qualified' group of professionally trained and experienced ladies to entertain and care for your children.

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