Unicorn Princesses

Princess Celeano

Playful, Excitable, Energetic, Fun.

From - Pleiades

Favourite Colour - Pink

Favourite Food - Dragon Fruit 

Hobbies - Playing Party Games & Cloud Watching

Princess Maia

The Oldest of the Sisters. Nurturing, Kind, Sensible.

From - Pleiades

Favourite Colour - Lilac

Favourite Food - Elderberries 

Hobbies - Party Planning & Star Gazing 

Unicorn Party Package 

Available from

March 2018


Brand New for Spring 2018!


High up in the sky, From the Pleiades Star Contellation live seven sisters;

Maia, Celeano, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Asterope & Merope.


The Pleiades is a tiny misty dipper of stars and although it is 44million light years away, on a clear night, it is visable from virtually every place that humanity inhabits the earth!


Unicorn Princess Maia & Unicorn Princess Celeano are available for any Event, Party, or Appearance from March 2018.

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